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This page is a collection of links that we found useful. It's quite dated by now...

Tools for Creating the Champ Library

Borland Compilers
State-of-the-art compiler technology comes from Borland.com.

Help Authoring
We've spent an enormous effort on the Champ documentation to give you intuitive Windows Help and an elegant printed version at the same time. Both are generated from a single source using Microsoft Word 97 and WexTech's Doc-To-Help.

C++ Resources

See the C++ Web Pointers page that I set up for a C++ course I used to teach.

Building and Maintaining This Site

Eversoft's 1st Page 2000
A very nice freeware (!) HTML source code editor with instant preview.

W3C HTML Validation Service
Validate your web pages with the official HTML Validation Service by the World Wide Web Consortium, which also has all the definitive references on-line.

Scott Brady's HotSource HTML Help
Lots of tutorials and useful resources for building and maintaining a website.

Project Cool Developer Zone
Has some very useful information including a summary of the basic HTML tags and a list of the major search engines including information on what they do, how they do it, and how to register your site with them.

Cedge's HTML Cheat Sheet
Commonly used HTML elements and their codes.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions; in 21 languages, text and html versions.

CSS From Start to Finish
A great collection of links to all sorts of information on CSS. Thanks to Rose Daus for the pointer!

Color Tools and References

More Web Resources
Interesting stuff that might be useful or just plain fun...

Third-Party Recommendations

A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office
A short introduction to some basic terms used in MS Office,
recommended by D.K.'s school class.

Website Builder Heaven - A Guide to HTML
A comprehensive and accessible guide,
recommended by A.B.'s school class in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Networking and Security

Gibson Research Corporation
Essential Security information for all Windows users that connect to the Internet (READ ShieldsUP! and LeakTest). Also the home of the famous SpinRite hard disk maintenance tool, vital information for Iomega Zip and Jaz users, and the OptOut tool which lets you remove spyware from your computer. Read Steve's piece about "The Ethics of Anonymous Surveillance for Profit" to understand what so-called advertisement-supported 'freeware' really is!

Sicherheits-Check (in German)
Ein Check des Landesbeauftragten für Datenschutz in Niedersachsen.

Information on Trojan Horses
What they are, how to protect yourself, and how to get rid of them, if disaster has already struck.

Interesting network tools and information.

Help Desk Software
Network Help Desk software and documentation system with network diagramming and inventory management from NetHelpDesk.

Find out some of the things that your browser reveals about you!

Take Control of your Browser and Install interMute
Filter cookies, ads, animantions, pop-up windows, referers, Java, JavaScript and other nuisances globally or on a per site basis. Recommended!

c't - E-Mail-Check
Send yourself an email message to find out if your email client is vulnerable to scripting attacks.

Browser and Security Check by Hochschule Rapperswil
(in German) See what your browser looks like from the "other" side and optionally let them run some tests on your Internet connection.

Information about Web Robots and Fighting Spam

VMware allows you to set up any number of virtual machines inside your (Windows or Linux) computer, where you can install one of a large number of operating systems. We use this primarily for two purpuses:
  • Testing our software under different Windows versions (Win98 through Win03) and different languages.
  • Providing a sandbox environment for running high-risk software (such as Internet Explorer with Active Scripting enabled) and trying out downloaded software -- VMware allows resetting and removing all traces of whatever happened with a single click.
Enter the referral code "VMRC-HANSAL478" (without the quotes) to receive a 5% discount from the VMware store.

Useful Information

If you have to work with Windows, it's the natural place to go...

Woody's Watch
Cool FREE email newsletters that provide timely, unbiased information, including
Must-have technical tools for Windows.

The ISO 8601 Standard for Formatting Date and Time
An explanation and many related links.

The ISO 3166 Country Codes
A third party list of the two-letter country codes.

The ISO 8859-1 Character Codes
A list of character entities for national and special characters (e.g. ü for ü, é for é, © for ©), with additional links at the bottom

Known TCP/UDP Port Numbers
A very large list of Well Known / System Ports and Registered Ports

HOWTO Edit Messages
A Message Editing and Quoting Guide (with Examples) -- nice source for quoting if you run a mailing list.

Useful Services

The Google Search Engine
Try it and you'll never look back. Even Yahoo has dumped their own efforts and runs on Google now.

Deja (aka DejaNews)
Scan a huge (really huge) archive of past and present newsgroup articles for keywords, back to 1995. Get free filtered email. Join newsgroup discussions without any risk of getting spammed.
Deja was bought by Google, and they're working on extending their famous technology to the newsgroups. Currently (2001-02) they only have newsgroups articles since 2000-08 online, but the search facilities are already better than what Deja offered, and they plan to add the older archives in the future.

MTN Internet Short Message Service
Send an SMS message to cellular phones almost anywhere in the world -- for free! (Yes, it works with Swisscom, too.)

Send faxes from anywhere in the world to the USA, Canada, Australia & United Kingdom for free. (we haven't tried this out yet)

Universal Currency Converter
Xenon Laboratories convert any currency into any other. They also provide many other free currency-related services and even let you add some of them to your own site.

Free on-line translations:
AltaVista Translator
Translate entire web pages on-the-fly.

Adobe's Accessibility Tools for PDF Documents
Convert PDFs to HTML or text.

Shahram's Search Engines
Interface to specialized search engines.

The Web's best freebies.

Measure 4 Measure
A large list of links to interactive web sites that estimate, evaluate, calculate, translate, etc.

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