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BOOT.SYS Configuration Manager

What BOOT.SYS does

BOOT.SYS takes control of your CONFIG.SYS file. It passes some commands on to DOS for processing and hides other commands from DOS. While it has control of your configuration file, BOOT.SYS can display menus, wait for user input, examine your computer's configuration, and perform other tests. It can also create environment variables during CONFIG.SYS processing in all versions of DOS.

A companion program included in the package, BOOT.EXE, extends configuration control to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and the DOS prompt. In earlier versions of DOS, it creates environment strings to indicate which menu choices you made during CONFIG.SYS processing. It can also signal that it's time to perform periodic activities like backups and monthly reports, reboot your computer from any batch file or the command line, and instruct BOOT.SYS how to configure your computer automatically.

Unlike other configuration programs, BOOT.SYS doesn't write to your disk nor does it keep multiple configuration files on your hard disk. BOOT.SYS performs all of its magic in RAM while your computer is processing the CONFIG.SYS file. This eliminates all risks of corrupting the valuable data on your disks. It also lets you use BOOT.SYS on disk-less PCs.

End of Life

2006-06-10 — We have stopped selling licenses for BOOT.SYS. It only had limited functionality under 16-bit Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME), and it does not work at all with current Windows versions. If you are interested in licensing BOOT.SYS as an OEM for a system that runs under some flavor of PC/MS/DR-DOS, then please contact us.

The last version of BOOT.SYS is 2.10, released in 1994. If you would like to download that version, please use the following search to find a download source:


Thank you for your interest in BOOT.SYS!