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Welcome to the Salvisberg Software & Consulting Web Site!

We have been developing and selling custom and standard software since 1989, and we strongly believe that good software should adjust to its users and not the other way around.

Back in the late 80's Hans Salvisberg found that he could not live with a single Config.Sys file on his PC, and he wrote BOOT.SYS, the world's first configuration manager for MS-DOS. Many others have picked up the idea, and even Microsoft built a simple multi-config feature into MS-DOS 6.00. But to this day, BOOT.SYS remains the most powerful DOS configuration manager on the planet.

Besides developing software we teach and coach programmers on various levels, mainly in C++. In the past few years we've noted an alarming trend: software development is getting more and more complex. In the 'good old DOS days', just about everyone with sufficient interest was able to write short but useful programs, but the advent of object-oriented languages and graphical user interfaces has made it increasingly difficult for non-professionals to write software. Our latest creation, the Champ Class Library restores hope for those of us who know that computers can do more than just run off-the-shelf applications: Champ enables "occasional" programmers to write real MS Windows™ programs in C++ with very little knowledge of programming or Windows internals.

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